Information Risk Assessment


Are you aware of the risks that exist in how your personnel are managing their information? Are policies being complied with effectively? Can you confidently support a legal request for information?

These questions are often asked as executives seek to understand the risk environment. RMG Consulting's Information Risk Assessment provides a targeted analysis of the practices at either a service line level or across the organization. 


Our Team has conducted Information Risk Assessments for clients in the Energy, Automotive, and Consumer Goods Industries.



About us

We continually strive to be a trusted advisor. RMGconsulting is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers.

RMGconsulting is a leading Information Management consultancy providing advisory services to clients across industries and geographies in order to improve their Information Management practices. Drawing from over 25 years experience and connecting with leading practitioners ensures that our clients receive the optimal results from the engagements. 


Service 01: Information Risk Assessments

Service 02: Developing an IM Program

Service 03: Developing and Deploying Policies

Service 04: IM Frameworks

Service 05: EDRMS & ECM Technology Support

Service 06: Risk Assessment