RMG Consulting is now an approved Cogniva C3 Software Reseller

Posted 6/17/2015

Contact us if your organization is interested in acquiring or exploring the use of Cogniva C3 software for your Information Management solution!

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Information Management Compliance

Posted 7/29/2014

RMG Consulting will be presenting at the September InfoGov Conference on the topic of Information Management Compliance - here's an infographic on some of the preliminary results!

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Approaching Information Management from a Framework Perspective

Knowledge Management in Law Departments and Practices

Posted 3/18/2014

Click on the above link to view our recent info presentation on Knowledge Management in Law Departments and Practices 

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Part 1 - How well is your Information Managed?

Posted 11/28/2013

In today's organizations information has become a silent element - we know that we are always creating structured information in our multitude of database systems and that we are also creating volumes of unstructured information with email, office automation softwares, unified messaging systems, and digital imaging. Do we know what is happening with all this information? Are we gaining value from it? Are we reducing risk through it's analysis? Are we managing it in accordance with our own policies and the regulatory environment?

Most of us, unfortunately, have become quietly unaware of the information around us. When a gigabyte of email is roughly the equivalent of 65,000 printed pages we suddenly realize that we may be the next subject of the TV Show "Hoarders".... Our IT departments keep adding storage - it's so cheap why not just add more - and our business users never revisit what is stored on the shared drives (how many organizations have an annual file clean up day?). The result? Ever increasing volumes of information with ever decreasing value. Add into the equation the practices of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery where that same information is replicated and stored for extended periods of time and we've created a veritable black hole.

The opportunity for organizations is to treat information as an asset and manage it accordingly - keep what is useful, extract the value and maintain it appropriately. 

Next blog entry - How can I figure out how big it is before I can put my arms around it?

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Introducing Mentorship into the SME

Posted 11/27/2013

A great twitter chat today at @StartUp_Canada -  http://goo.gl/nGBmNL lots of good ideas on why and how to put mentorship in place, even in the smallest of organizations!

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Information Governance 101

Posted 11/20/2013

It's always been a question for me - where does information governance reside in an organization? Is it a Legal activity or an IT activity? Or is there a hybrid model that works best? 


For me, the organizational culture has as much to do with the decision as the industry best practices. There is no one size fits all - nor is there a single success model of governance. The key though is to have a well constituted multi-disciplinary governance approach with representation from Legal, IT, Records Management, Business Operations, Risk Management and Finance. 



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